Parcel Kraft Paper Bags

  • Food Grade paper
  • Convenient & Lightweight
  • Best Alternative to Harmful Plastic Bags
  • 100% Eco-Friendly, Strong & Versatile Bags
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Description Kraft Paper Bags – Convenient to Carry with Secure Grip for Groceries, Medicines, Wine Bottles, and Safe Storage (Brown) – Set of 100

Experience the convenience of our standard brown paper bags crafted from high-quality kraft paper, derived from wood pulp through the kraft process. Brown kraft paper retains its natural color as it remains unbleached, ensuring its recyclability.

In the contemporary landscape, these bags have become a staple. They serve as versatile companions for various tasks, whether it’s carrying groceries within your home or beyond. This compact brown kraft paper bag excels in its foldability, guaranteeing ease of use and efficient food storage. When it comes to safeguarding food, this bag ensures both convenience and security.

Our paper bags are entirely eco-friendly, as they are fully recyclable, making them a responsible choice for your packaging needs.

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